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i thought i would stop after the first one but uh

"why don’t they have Viagra for self esteem?"

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There’s nothing more liberating than submitting a two weeks notice.

I’m almost free from my annoying job! :D

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by Interpol
from Antics


It’s way too late to be this locked inside ourselves
The trouble is that you’re in love with someone else
It should be me

Oh, it should be me

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Mario Kart 64.


Mario Kart 64.

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If I follow you, yes, I care about your garden, what your cat did today, the jewelry you made, that one friend who said the thing, i like your sense of humor, and also your selfies.

Also, heart.

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literally me.


literally me.

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41, 43, 58


Thank you, sir! :)

41: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
No. :/ I wish I did though!

43: Are you stubborn?
Sometimes, it usually depends on the situation. /-\

58: Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
I get ‘em all the time. I always have to stop and wonder if it means anything. Those feelings mess with me quite a bit.